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Our Staff Members

Inspectors at a rock quarry in the midwest

  Global Consulting, N.A. is a group of some of the smartest, talented and innovative individuals that have one goal in mind – protecting this great nation, The United States of America.

Asset Management

Coatings inspector at a local plant

They specialize in inspecting some of the largest assets in the world, everything from pipelines which employ thousands of hard working Americans to homes across America where the country’s #1 asset lives and thrives… it’s people! 

We are a Global Niche

A sunset over one of our fracing units


Global Consulting, N.A. is quickly becoming a global leader in Oil & Gas Exploration Inspections, Offshore Inspection Services, Residential & Commercial Construction Inspections, Heavy Civil & Highway Inspections, and is currently entering into the world of Food Logistics. We offer a cost effective inspection and consultation solution delivered in a time constrained and safety-minded manner.

Environmental Follow-Up

An early morning sunrise over one of our oil fields that we inspect

  Global Consulting, N.A. specializes in Environmental matters concerning both oil & gas exploration and the trail systems within the United States of America. They protect the rights of the citizens that want to utilize trails and the amenities that these properties offer both in the public and private sector. 

Our Nation's Protectors

Pesa Train at a station

  Global Consultants protect this great nation and makes sure no corners are ever cut! This is so all of us can live and thrive in a safe community. We consistently provide professional, qualified personnel for the client’s inspection, consultation, and engineering services Coast to Coast and abroad. We can assist in all manner of plant, pipeline, compressor, pump and metering facilities construction, rehabilitation, and alteration.

Upstream - Downstream

Our inspectors at a mineral mine


Our market specialty is Upstream to Downstream and everything in between: Gathering systems, Terminal Facilities, compressor stations, metering facilities, refineries, and chemical plants.

All of our staff is Senior Level Engineers, Inspectors and Consultants who care about the communities we all live and work in. We have a Global Network of extensive staff that we keep “close to the vest” so that we can “ramp up” if needed. Our database can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. We are known to be able to quickly identify and provide our clients with the best available candidates to meet their management and inspection needs. This current database holds over 45,000 resumes and is maintained on a daily basis.


One of our Oil & Gas sites at sunrise

Our Database of Services


  • New Construction Integrity and Maintenance 
  • Close Interval Survey
  • Rehab Relocation 
  • AC Mitigation
  • Pipelines & Facilities Platforms 
  • Project Management
  • Permitting & Audits 
  • Habitat Evaluation 
  • Due Diligence
  • Construction Monitoring 
  • Compressor Stations 
  • Meter Stations
  • Tank Farms 
  • Truck Terminals 
  • Distribution Systems
  • Gathering Systems 
  • LNG Facilities 
  • Pipe Mill & Coating
  • Refineries 
  • API Inspections (510/570/653)
  • Fiber Optics 
  • Safety Inspection 
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Intern & Summer Staffing 
  • Fabrication 
  • Inspection

Inspection Personnel Provided:

  • Construction Management 
  • Chief Inspector 
  • Material Coordinator
  • Environmental Inspectors 
  • Turnaround Inspectors 
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Office Managers 
  • Welding Inspectors 
  • Cost Analysts
  • AWS-CWI Inspectors 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Craft Inspector
  • Project Controls 
  • NACE Certified 
  • Survey Inspectors
  • Tank Inspector 
  • API 653,510,570 
  • Scheduler/Planners
  • NDE Auditors 
  • ROW Inspectors 
  • Asphalt Inspectors
  • Concrete Inspectors 
  • Geo-Thermal Inspectors 
  • Soil Inspectors
  • Water Inspectors 
  • Environmental Inspectors 
  • USDA Inspectors

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