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Our Holdings Company L.H.G.I. Is Protecting America's assets.

Our Holdings Company L.H.G.I. Is Protecting America's assets.Our Holdings Company L.H.G.I. Is Protecting America's assets.Our Holdings Company L.H.G.I. Is Protecting America's assets.

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Our Contribution To The Global Economy


Luxe Holdings Group, Inc© is the parent organization to a group of companies and assets that all have a unique niche in the Global Trade Marketplace. As you look from the outside into our unique nucleus most people do not understand the dynamics of our Business Management Team until they explore further, then it is as if a light bulb turns on. 


Most, if not all, of our assets and companies started as grassroots start-ups in a business climate that was/is searching for solutions. These start-ups were visualized, American Dream's created by our current Founders who all were seeking to be the best in each industry that they entered. Now as a group we strive to make the best American Made products, the most affordable American Made Products, and to continue our growth model to become the best sustainable network of companies in every community that we operate in. 

Our Original Founder, was quite calculated when he began organizing each company and how they all interact together. It is like a high-speed atom propelled through the universe completely balanced.


We realize as we innovate, that innovation does not necessarily mean automate. Some of our products remain the best products because of the talented individuals that are employed by our group. We are continually striving to create a workforce that is diverse and specialized in everything we do. We also believe in educating and training our workforce so that they are a thriving addition to any community across the globe. 

Our diverse groups of assets are just beginning to leave the launch pad, poised to lead the way to new sustainable, renewable innovations in a multitude of industries. To learn about each company, please click on each logo below, this will then take you to their individual sites. 


Our Global Network

Through our six current divisional companies we access the entire Global Trade Marketplace. Our business management team strives for and believe in team work. Without team work success is harder to achieve, and certainly is not as fun.  We take great pride in the organizational structure that we have built and have deployed.

Whether it is a specialty purpose vehicle you need built on various chassis check out Luxe Offroad. They build some of the world's most capable vehicles, and have the experience and awards to back it up. 

If you need a Global Inspection partner, then reach out to Global Consulting, North America. They have boots on the ground for a plethora of inspection needs These needs span oil and gas, commercial and residential and heavy highway construction.

 Luxe Carbon Fiber is the leader of American Made Carbon Fiber Automotive Parts, we of course build custom Carbon Fiber parts upon request for many different industries. 

Luxe Applied Sciences is our state of the art research and development facility that dissects and rebuilds each part before we sell to our clients. They are the ultimate in quality control and innovation. Check out their site to see some of the most remarkable scientific discoveries known to man.

A blue print drawing of one of our new Luxe Trophy Properties.

Your Resource for Expansion

Currently we are building our network in a manner that supports a possible IPO. We are also poised to etch out our own niche within the global trade marketplace. Our current client base demands perfection in everything that we are currently involved in. 

Our current  divisional assets all have a distinct client base, that ironically overlaps each niche.  We are expanding at a phenomenal rate of growth, which is actually by design. Most Corporations are not built to be nimble... We purposely designed our business for this growth so that we could adapt ourselves to the ever changing landscape. 

In addition to our network of Divisional Companies described to the left our expansion is not at the price of depleting conservation or our environment. Our business management team takes great care in the above environmental initiatives.

We developed Luxe Trophy Properties to manage our conservation and environmental needs coast to coast. We currently have thousands of acres that we are restoring back to 1920 standards so that we can confidently state we are stewards for the environment. Our staff loves the outdoors as well, whether it is hunting or fishing or just exploring we value our outdoor world. 

If it is relaxation and luxury you are after, our Reluxe Lifestyles division specializes in the mind and body. This can be found located exclusively at a Luxe Trophy Property. 

Our Divisional Companies

Bespoke Offroad design and build firm located in Denver, CO
Bespoke Carbon Fiber Manufacturers American Made
Provider of Antimicrobial laminates vehicle wraps, wide format printing worldwide

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We  strive to stay in communication with our clients. Have a question about  our businesses, or want to see if we match your specific needs? Send business management team a  message, or give us a call. We're always happy to meet new customers!

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